PHO Special Force Public Wall Hach
Worked Tested ~ 4/30/2013 2:58 PM PH TIME


Insert - Hide/Show Menu
Arrow Up , Down , Left And Right

~ If You Encounter 
Error - SF 
Program is not Allowed bla bla bla bla
Just Ignore It Don`t Click Ok Or Close Because The dll will not Work
If You Stock In Timeout/Not Loading Click This [>CLICK HERE<]
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Credits To Its Owner... Copyright... I Dont Own This Hack
" LnlGaming "

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  1. when i run this ang login my sf acc ang start the game the lnl saids hack sucesfully but when the SF start nothing happens and there is no application of sf dfi hack PLEASE...HELP ME>>>>>

    1. May be the hack is Detected Use Other SF DFI HackS

  2. ADD me on facebook gemgem_sams@yahoo.com mu name is gemkarl brillantes and tell me what todo PLEASE HEL ME.... i hhaven't tested any cheateven one.......