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Getting Started

Linkbucks is easy to use. Just create a paying link, paste the code on your website, and watch the money add up as people click on your links.

The following is a brief explanation of some of the features in LinkBucks. To get started right away, just click on the “Create Links” tab (once logged in) and generate your first paying link!
Create Links

There are 3 ways to create links that get you paid...
1. Single LinkSingle Link is used if you only have one link to convert to a paying link.
2. Multiple LinksIf you have multiple links to convert or even multiple links on a webpage, just paste the code into the multiple links box and all the links found in the code will be automatically converted for you.The Link Group Name is just a way for you to label your group of links so you can identify them better.
3. Full Page ScriptIf you want all the links on your site automatically generated to paying links, you can grab a line of javascript and put it on your website right before the </body> tag.

...and 2 types of ad styles available to choose...
1. IntermissionIntermission ads show up before the page you linked. Since these ads bring more views, you get paid more per view. These ads will forward the viewer to the target link after 15 seconds or the instant they click on the “continue” button.
2. LockerLocker ads are similar to the Intermission ads except the user has to complete a survey before being allowed to proceed to their destination. These ads pay much more money then any other ad and are recommended for exclusive content.
...and finally, 2 types of target ads.

It is important to select the correct age appropriate group that the page you are linking to is targeted to. This will protect clean sites from ads with adult content.1. CleanIf the page you are linking to is safe for all ages, just choose the “clean” option. This will ensure that the ads displayed will be appropriate for all ages.2. AdultIf the page you are linking to contains any adult content, you may choose the “adult” option. This will allow adult targeted ads to be displayed.

Manage Links

The Manage Links tab allows you to enable/disable paid links, as well as view the status of your paid links. It's also where you can copy the code created for the paid links if you need.


Details of your earnings are displayed here. This is also where you request a payment on the money you made from linkbucks. Just add your Paypal or EPassPorte payment information and transfer available funds to your account instantly.

That's all there is to it! LinkBucks.com is the easiest way to get paid for linking people to other websites.

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