StreetRace Rivals - Cash Hack

1. [>Play Street Racing Rivals<] -> Open Charles

2. Refresh -> Locate/Find In Charles http://www.steertracerivals.com Then Expand It

3. Go Back To The Game And Select Easy Money Race -> Select The Easiest And Race

4. After Finish The Race , Go Back To Charles http://www.streetracerivals.com -> Data -> gateway.php?qID=1384709203686(Race.setResult).

5. Open Request Section And Click Edit

6. Edit pl_topspeed to 100.56,pl_perfGear to 10000000,pl_goodGear to 1000000. Click Execute

7. Go Back To Game And Click Continue.

8. Close The Charles -> Clear Cache. -> Refresh

If The Hack Not Works [>Click Here<]

If You Stock In Timeout/Not Loading Click This [>CLICK HERE<]

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