di nyo na kailangan gumastos para magdonate sa mga private ran online hahah.. pots lang sulit na.. nahihirapan ako magenglish kaya tinagalog ko nalang xD.. share share.. wag nyong abusuhin baka kasi tanggalin ung pots sa game nila..
How to Use
1. Log in your account on any ran online server

2. Double Click Autokey

Press Hotkey Once To Start Clicking & Press It Again To Pause
F4 - W (Potion Slot & some Card)

F5 - Q (Potion Slot & some Card)

F6 - E (Potion Slot & some Card)

F7 - 1-10 Auto Skills (Fast Skilsl)

F8 - A (Potion Slot & some Card)

F9 - S (Potion Slot & some Card)

F10 - D (Potion Slot & some Card)

Ctrl+F11 - (Auto Pick All Items)

- Working On Ran Private & Philippine & International Server
- Run on Sandboxie the Ran Online Launcher

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