Hotspot Shield Elite offers encryption (HTTPS) and proprietary VPN technology to secure your communication in public Wi-Fi spots. In regions that censor the web, Hotspot Shield acts as a secure gateway to the world's information, bypassing censorship blocked sites, and ports. Now, irrespective of location, expats, travelers, and locals in countries with censorship, use Hotspot Shield to gain completely free and uncensored access to the world's information.
Anonymous online access

Hotspot Shield Elite masks your IP address to ensure an unbreachable browsing environment. You can now visit web pages, exchange emails, and communicate online, knowing that your entire browsing and communication history is completely private and confidential.
Identity theft protection

Hotspot Shield protects your personal data, such as credit card information, passwords, and personal records to online hackers and identity thieves. Its VPN technology creates a private, secure tunnel through which you can channel all your online activity to control who views your personal profile.
Malware protection

Hotspot Shield intercepts malicious or infected malware, such as NAME, from reaching your computer. Its suite of anti-malware tools protects you from over 3.5 million malware threats, phishing sites, and spam.
Fast browsing

Hotspot Shield leverages the power of dedicated networks to speed up your browsing experience.

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