Special Force DFI - AC Public Hack 2.0

1. Download The Loader

- 2 Extract and Run AC PUBLIC 1.8.exe and copy your GUID then close it.

- 3 Go here: [>CLICK HERE<]

- 4 Login your site account (just skip all ads)

- 5 Once login paste your GUID in the box and click Activate.

- 6 Wait till it say Guid Activated and then Logout.

- 7 Run AC PUBLIC 2.0 .exe again and wait till the STATUS say "Perfect! Start The Game Now?"

- Start SpecialForce and enjoy...

Note: To prevent disconnection, Don't use 1hit hack if you're using Windows 7. It only works fine on Windows XP 32bit users. Thank you.

Note To Make The Hack Work
1. Disable Firewall
2. Disable Antivirus
3. Disable Deepfreeze
4. Clean Temp And Prefetch

If The Hack Not Works [>Click Here<]
If You Stock In Timeout/Not Loading Click This [>CLICK HERE<]

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