InKline Global’s Modem Booster is only one of the many internet optimizers that promise to fix your slow internet connection and give you faster downloads. What separates it from the others then? Let’s take a further look at its strengths…

To be able to optimize your internet connection to its fullest potential, first it must test your internet speed settings and run a series of diagnostic tests. After running the diagnostics and calculating (in percentage) how much room there is for improvement, it will then determine the best settings for maximum internet speed performance.

Works on all internet connections
The latest version works on all internet connections, even high speed internet access connections. It can improve dial-up, DSL, ADSL, cable, ISDN and Satellite.

Tweaks hidden internet settings
This internet accelerator can safely tweak your hidden Windows settings.

One-click tune up
The latest version has a fully enhanced automatic speed tune up. Just click on the Modem Booster icon and the optimized settings will take effect.

Round-the-clock optimization
It works around the clock to monitor speed connection.

Fully configurable
For advanced users who are familiar with MTU, RWIN, TTL, Cachesize etc, there is an option for manual tune up.

Revolutionary Ping technology
It fine tunes your internet speed settings to the exact value customized to your internet service provider (ISP) for maximum throughput.

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