Dungeon Defender - Exp And Mana Hack

1. Start Dungeon Defender -> Select Server Mode

2. Select Character -> Start Private Match

3. Alter Exp And Mana Bank

4. Exit Game To Menu -> Quit Game
~Disable Anti virus 

~ Don`t Click The Credit Label. Its Broken

~ This Game Is Steam Only 

~ This works for both RANKED, and OPEN. It also works on Local.

~ The addresses auto-update with static offsets every one second.

~ If you start the hack BEFORE selecting character/starting game and you WANT to read what your XP/Mana bank is currently at hit GRAB (this updates the values.) If you start AFTER, it will attempt to auto-grab on start.

~ This should be safe under VAC as it DOES NOT inject anything

If You Stock In Timeout/Not Loading Click This [>CLICK HERE<]

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